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It is the policy of Family Connections to grant equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons Care Workerwithout regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, or age. It is the intent of Family Connections that equal employment opportunity will be provided in hire, tenure, terms, conditions, and privileges of employment and any other matter directly or indirectly related to employment.

Position: Child Care Worker (Full-time and Part-time)

Child Care Worker

Work Shift: Flexible shifts including 24 hour (with sleep time); 8 or 10 hour shifts (daylight; afternoon; and awake-night); and combinations of both.

Supervisor: Brooke Place Site Director

A. The Child Care Worker provides safety, security, nurturance,and supervision to adolescent girls living in a residential facility by:
  1. Providing supervision to residents in the group home and during off-site activities.
  2. Participating in pre-intake assessments when requested.
  3. Observing residents in the completion of their daily routines.  
  4. Implementing group and individual behavioral intervention strategies.  
  5. Enforcing rules and guidelines by setting clear, concise, and enforceable limits.
  6. Supervising and role modeling basic living skill activities.
  7. Providing supportive services to reduce stress and/or develop, restore, or maintain skills and behaviors which result in an increased level of functioning.
  8. Assisting in carrying out assigned activities related to assessments, service planning, linkage and referral, monitoring, crisis assistance, and advocacy.
  9. Providing transportation to and from appointments and other activities, as necessary.
  10. Providing daily monitoring of resident’s progress in achieving their goals.
  11. Promoting family involvement in activities, visitation, and decisions.  
  12. Providing educational support by advocating for the student with school personnel, supervising and assisting with study time, and monitoring student progress.
  13. Providing supportive counseling as requested to individuals and groups.
  14. Assisting and participating in Structured Educational Therapeutic (SET) Activities.
  15. Routinely inspecting and maintaining the home and notifying the Director when repairs are needed.
  16. Maintaining the therapeutic milieu.
  17. Providing medication management under the supervision of the R.N.
  18. De-escalating crisis development.
  19. Providing emergency medical care per First Aid/CPR training and certification.
B. The Child Care Worker develops a therapeutic relationship with staff that will enhance teamwork and the quality of the work environment by:
  1. Actively participating in team meetings, treatment team meetings, and other meetings involved in planning and management issues of the group home.
  2. Supporting and encouraging teamwork by offering feedback and effective critique of team members.
  3. Assisting in team building through loyalty and support of the team process.
  4. Enhancing teamwork and the quality of services through understanding, clarifying, and demonstrating the role of the child care worker, the function and roles of the other agency programs and services, and how they can best interrelate.
C. The Child Care Worker assists in the implementation of the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives by:
  1. Accurately documenting necessary reports required by the organization, licensing and accreditation standards, state and federal law.
  2. Maintaining furniture, equipment and supplies in a cost-effective and cost-saving manner.
  3. Exercising confidentiality in agency affairs, employee privacy, and privacy of persons served according to agency guidelines, licensing, and other regulations.
  4. Knowing state licensing and accreditation requirements as they pertain to the overall functions of the group home and the position.
  5. Exhibiting sensitivity to and being aware of the various cultural and socio-economic characteristics of the community and those served, and responding in an appropriate manner.
  6. Utilizing the organization’s mission as the guiding force in all decision making and demonstrating the agency’s core and customer values in every interaction with external and internal customers.
  7. Exhibiting a professional attitude and commitment to the agency and its customers by maintaining expected level of attendance and reporting to work and meetings on time.
D. The Child Care Worker enhances personal and professional potential by:
  1. Actively participating in performance reviews by setting and actively working on goals and objectives for professional improvement.  
  2. Exhibiting personal and professional ethics, attitudes and value systems which enhance service delivery.
  3. Keeping self in good emotional condition by possessing internal strengths to meet the emotional demands of the job.
  4. Being responsible for acquiring all training mandated for the position and required by the agency through participation in agency-sponsored and agency-approved training events and workshops.
  5. Remaining current with the field of employment through reading publications, networking with co-professionals and pursuit of other suitable endeavors.
Conditions of Employment:
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

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